Eating like a caveman and running like one too!

Happy Monday!

Well the weekend held some experimentation, some miles, some BBQ, and a hill spawned by the debil himself.
DW and I got some new hydration packs last week (thanks to Gumbo’s endorsement) and were pretty excited to try them out on our last long run before Run on the Sly 50K on the 21st. I got to thinking about how I vastly prefer water to any other drink, I run in minimalist shoes (Kinvara’s are my thickest ones), and I physically balk at the thought of running with headphones. In pretty much every aspect of running, I go for the most basic, natural option. I love the feeling of my feet being close to the ground, my skin feeling the sun, my nose smelling the trees and plants around me, my eyes taking in the vastness of the world, my ears hearing my footsteps mingled with the subtle sounds of windswept leaves, nearby animals, and wind passing by as I cut through it. Running is the most primal feeling I’ve found, the most immersed I’ve ever felt in the pure moment of the here and now.*
So I decided to take the same route with my nutrition on Saturday’s 22 miler. I filled my pack with 3L water, brought one Odwalla bar (all natural), and brought a gel flask full of honey. I had read about honey having a mix of simple and complex sugars and wanted to test out how such a simple substance could sustain a long run.
Verdict: It worked! I ate some honey every 6 miles, ate ½ the bar at 15, and never hit a wall! In fact, it felt as if I FINALLY warmed up at about mile 19 or 20, so the last two miles felt breezy! (a term that’s sweeping the loop)
It was also the first long run for the Minimus Roads, and while I did feel a bit more effort in the calves, they performed admirably. I’ve been doing all long runs in NB MT101s, but these were honestly pretty cool for hoofing it around town!
After fueling up that night with BBQ’d burgers, corn, and a heapin’ helpin’ o’ baked beans, DW and I arose Sunday to drive out to the nearby hills to run some trails, 8 miles. Right in the middle we did some hill repeats on the most evil hill in the area. Probably about an average 30% grade, ¼ mile long, we hit it up and down 3 times before heading back. What a workout!!! Quads burning, calves numb, smile shining and dirt trail wonderfully soft, we trotted back to the car to enjoy the rest of our weekend, starting with some chocolate milk!
Run well and live well, my friends!
*Besides, of course, those special life-changing moments like saying your vows, etc.

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