It’s awkward being the subject of an article.

I hope you are all putting in enjoyable miles and beaming smiles. I truly am working on a report of the fantastic time we had with incredible people in Huntington Beach, but time is short and the memories are plenty. I want to do it justice!




A couple months ago a long time friend asked me if he could send me some questions about running for his website. I knew he had a blog site for which he wrote about random things for the general public to read about, so I didn’t think too much of it. I figured he either wanted some training tips from someone (barely) more experienced or wanted to do a little write-up about running in general. The problem is that he told me there was no rush, and since life in general has been on the busy side recently, I kept pushing it back. This guy always has a ton of things going on, so he wasn’t hurting for material.




Last week he touched base again about it and filled out the story for me. He wanted to write about ME and DW, and wanted to put it up on his business site. His business is consulting and he likes to tie in their services with the ideas of promoting bravery and fearlessness in entrepreneurs. I sort of balked at this idea, since I’m not the kind of guy who likes to ramble on and on about himself. There are so many other interesting people out there, it seems much less exciting to write about myself. I didn’t even see how we fit into his marketing plan, really.


But he is a great friend, and has been there with a beer and an ear on many occasions. It was not a big request and it would really help him out, so I filled out some answers to his questions.


Once I sent them back to him he took about a day to turn it into a full fledged news article, complete with pics and a back story! I was seriously impressed by his handiwork! He asked for my ok before publishing it and it went up yesterday.




I still feel a little weird about being the subject of an article like this, but it’s also nice to know that a friend takes some inspiration from what we do.




Here it is:






Btw, if anyone is looking for a consultant for advancing a small business, Nicholas and Joe are really cool guys.






Happy and healthy running, y’all!


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