Spring has sprung and the ocean is calling!

Now that spring appears to be phasing in with temps in the low 80’s here, it’s time to begin looking at weekend escapes for DW and I. This morning I’m reading about a particularly amazing sounding hike through the Coastal Trail from Point Reyes National Seashore down the coast and back up, a total of about 32 miles. If we cut it up into 10 miles a day, we could spend three days meandering through the coastal forests and camping on ocean bluffs. We haven’t gone backpacking like that before, but it sounds like the perfect way to get into it!


We’ve been keeping an eye on sales and deals over the last couple years, snagging a tent here, a couple packs there, amassing the right gear to do it right and finally we have everything. I think…


So here’s to trying new things. Here’s to being self sufficient. Here’s to unplugging from the world and just exploring for a while.



Run happy and healthy, friends!





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