The amazing technirunner dreamcoat!

Running has made me realize this:


The body is amazing. I mean truly wonderous. It is mind-bogglingly complex and it’s needs are exceedingly simple. It is an infinitely adaptable machine that will change and mold itself in order to perform whatever task you ask of it.


Think about it. It’s a car that becomes more fuel-efficient over time, not to mention more powerful!


It’s a contained ecosystem that will convert simple fuels into whatever different chemical compounds are needed to not only sustain the system, but improve it.


It’s a device that when damaged will repair itself. All you have to do is not use it harshly and it will heal injuries stronger than before.


The feet are shoes that become tougher and more padded the longer you run.


It’s diagnostic system, pain, is instantaneous and precise, troubleshooting the exact location and severity of a problem and alerting it’s user.


The muscles are a 350 V8 and a Honda 4 cylinder all in one. Every muscle has different muscle fibers, each with a purpose. Fast-twitch for intense efforts over a short period, and slow-twitch fibers for steady performance over the long haul.


It’s a universal tool. Say you have a laptop but want it to make coffee, too. Suppose it develops a carafe and a filter bowl, eventually brewing a pretty darn good cup o’ joe! That’s essentially what the human body does when you take up running. It strengthens all of the parts that’ve never been used before and instinctively figures out how to use them efficiently to perform and improve.


In short, I am awed and grateful to have a body capable of running, climbing, swimming, jumping, playing, and getting into trouble!


Although I must admit, I’ve always taken it for granted. Living with something every day does not mean it is not extraordinary. Sometimes it’s good for the self to stop, take a moment, and really pay attention to the things around you. The world is a lot more exciting that way.


Live happy, people. You really do deserve it.


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