Thursday At-Work Pic and Completely RANDOM Statements!

Hello all you guys!


I presently happen to find myself in posession of a bit of free time and in a totally random frame of mind, so here it is for all to experience. (Apologies to all)


First, here’s a pic of one of the many things I get to do for my employer:



I know what you’re thinking. What are those things behind that devilishly handsome, if somewhat baby-faced, fellow? They are school busses. They are only tiny because they are 200 feet below me.




And now for the part which makes you wonder why you clicked on this blog:


Brooks’ Green Silence are incredible. To put my fun in terms of metallurgy, my VFFs are gold and the Brooks are silver.


Hemmingway wrote about life grandly, and lived it poorly.


I agree with Journey’s decision not to rejoin with Steve Perry, not because he doesn’t have the PERFECT voice for Journey, but because they have a new singer who’d be scroood!


Ryan Hall’s beard is indeed tremendous, both in physical mass and in the presence it exudes. An alter-ego has been born: Grizzly Bunyan.


Running or rock climbing for the first time after a long hiatus makes you feel completely lame. Doing it for the second time feels BA.


I do not now, nor will I ever, want a toast spread made from Abe Vigoda. My favorite spread is made from crushed Nutellas.


I sweat mucho salt when I run long. For this reason I fear being cornered mid-run in a deer-infested clearing/alley.


I doubt there exists anywhere in the world a “deer-infested alley”.


I hope every one of you has an immeasurably pleasurable day!
You know what, make it a whole weekend!


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