Way Too Cool 2012 RR Volume 2: Just the Facts

Good day, Loopsters!

So late last week I posted a blog about the previous weekend’s race, the Way Too Cool 50K in Cool, CA. The only problem was, my Garmin was having trouble connecting to upload my data and they hadn’t released any race photos yet. Consequently, I had to give you fabulous people a somewhat incomplete race report.
My deepest apologies, ladies and gentlemen.
I’ve now fixed my tech problem and located some race photos, so this is sort of an addendum to fill in the info gaps in the race report!
Blog #1 is my account of the experience,
Blog #2 is just the facts!
Here’s the course elevation profile:




Here’s what happens when you don’t set your watch to autolap. NO SPLITS!!!


Oh well, at least you get an idea of avg pace. And that my watch died about 5 min from the end. Boo.





A new phenomenon is born: Loopster photobombing!





Personally, I think this pose is cooler than mine. Plus John’s quads are twice the size of my Slim Jim legs.





Still ok at 20, proceeding cautiously…





The “I feel strong in the finish chute” goofy face. Completely unintentional, I just naturally look like a goober.





“Is that a beer?”







Once again, it was a pleasure to run this race. It was well organized, had a ton of friends and local superstars running, and the course was gorgeous!


All of you are doing amazing things out there and I am continually impressed and proud to cyber-know you. Here’s to pushing limits and soaking in experience.




Enjoy the ride!







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