Weekend fun and Zoo Zoom 10K RR, with PICS! (Caution, baaaaad blister pic too)

Hello all you beautiful and handsome runners!!!

This weekend started pretty cool, with a 4:30 wake-up time to take care of our zoo of animals and get on the road to volunteer at AR50! Our running club runs the aid station at the 14.6 mark and DW and I wanted to be a part of it, seeing as how those volunteers are always appreciated when we’re getting’ our race on.
It was incredible. We saw every runner come through, from Dave Mackey and Ian Sharman and the rest of the front runners laying down 7 minute miles to the last runner essentially walking the whole 50 miles. Lol one of the “sweepers” was actually carrying a broom the whole way. DW got put on PB&J duty, accumulating a thick film of jelly on her hands by the end, and I was tasked with bike duty. I had to stop cyclists and inform them that the parkway was “closed to cyclists” that morning. Most were cool about it, asking what was going on and being really supportive of the runners, the kind of respect these ultrarunning savages deserve. A few cyclists harrumphed and a few blasted through anyway. Why would you even want to cycle through 800 runners?
Cheeky.runner snuck up while I was scanning for cyclists! Man, she looked like she was just out for a stroll!I gave her a good luck hug and chuckled as she explained to Laura Yasso (whom she was running with) who I was and what a “loopster” is! Apparently she had a rough time after that, but that’s her blog to share…
We packed up, grabbed our mugs, and headed home, filling the rest of the day with a long nap, Thai food, and game night with my folks!
Sunday morning brought some coolness for sure. We had a 10K race scheduled at a park about 1.5 miles from the house, so we ran there! We were supposed to meet cheeky.runner but we missed each other. We were a little worried cuz we hadn’t seen her finish time for AR50 and thought she might have gotten hurt! We met with a group of friends and Laura’s mom, and fueled up with some Pop Tarts and Gu-packs.
Being more used to longer races like ½ marathons, the warm up is usually the first couple miles, but since this was shorter, we did a few laps of the starting area.
Finally, the start! Horn goes off, we go forward, but I notice a suspicious absence of a timing mat to read our timing chips? Hmmm… maybe I just missed it. Oh well, here we go! The course is two 3.1m laps; the 5kers do one, us 10kers do two. The first lap began a little faster than planned, but still relatively comfortable. Racing is one of those times when I remind myself to “be comfortable being uncomfortable.”
DW and I run about the same paces, so we usually run together until somewhere near the end, where we each “empty the tank”. The first lap ends and we hit the turnaround; I’m feeling pretty loose, actually. Plus, the splits are looking even, so I’m jazzed about the pacing. Even pacing’s always my WEAK area!
Here, because every runner has a zombie pic.
Apparently I feel better here, because an angelic halo has surrounded me!
We picked it up a bit for mile 5 and even more for mile 6, saving just a bit for the last stretch. That last .2 I just tried to run the life out of me! The goal was to leave everything on the road! I don’t know if I quite believe Garmin, but he says it was a 5:52 pace.
Final splits:
Mile 1- 7:53
Mile 2 – 7:47
Mile 3 – 7:47
Mile 4 – 7:47
Mile 5 – 7:43
Mile 6 – 7:34
Last .2 – 1:03
Official Time – 47:46.2
After all friends finished, we talked times and unknowing pacers and rough spots and everything psyched up runners talk about.
The cool thing about the Zoo Zoom is that you get free admission to the ZOO! That’s where it’s all happening, according to Simon and Garfunkel. We choked down some dry bagel pieces and set off to gaze at exotic animals.
Does this guy remind anyone else of Sloth from the Goonies?
As we passed the lions a bounding blur of pink leaps toward us. It was Cheeky.runner! We got the whole rundown of her AR50 experience and chatted for a while; she is so sweet and encouraging, pushing us to do AR50 next year! There’s never been an ultra loopfest, has there? It could be the first!
We did get a jumping pic, but you’ll have to read her blogs to see it! I believe she has some sort of iron-clad copyright on mid-air runner pics.
After the fun was over, DW and I ran home, loaded up, and headed to the hills for some trail running! We went to Granite Bay, overlooking Folsom Lake and sharing some of the AR50 trail. It was beautiful! Beyond beautiful! Pics really don’t do this place justice on a cool, sunny day.
Pay no attention to the nerd blocking the scenery with that cheesy thumbs up.
DW is a machine, so she put in another 12.5 miles on trail. I, however, am still fighting a lame-o hip so the trails kind of wrecked me. I still got in 6.5 but walked a lot of it. Oh well, maybe I should actually back off. No, runners don’t do that, do they?
Happy running, everyone!
A blood blister under a regular blister, now that’s impressive. I know it’s gross, but I figure J.Dev has pretty much reset the standard for what’s acceptable pic-wise around here, right? And besides, gore sells.

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